Staying sober and living in Georgia after treatment is not easy. The average success rate for drug and alcohol treatment in the U.S. is only about 10-15%. That is because of a few factors;

1. Drug treatment is just the beginning.

2. Not enough research is done prior to selecting a treatment center in the first place.

3. A long term plan to stay sober is rarely implemented.

4. Help is only as good as the person’s willingness to receive it.

Let’s explore these four points a bit closer:

1. It takes years to form and maintain an addiction. for 90% of the people out there, a 30 day program is not going to cut the mustard. Treatment is the launching pad from which healing begins. Much has happened in treatment. They got to the root of the problem. They discovered spirituality once again. They got clean for the first time in years.

However, they still have a life to return to, situations to deal with sober living Georgia, relationships to mend, money to pay back, and the list goes on.

2. Each individual has a different story, a different style, a different view of themselves and others. They need to be matched up with a center that they can relate to. Drug treatment is about two things, detox and therapy. Therapy is about two things, talking and listening. In order for true change to take place, an addict needs to be open to self discovery and open to change.

You have a better chance of success if you choose a sober living Georgia center

That fits well with the addict so that their “shell” can be cracked. And that change can begin to take place.

3. Aftercare is a must for most. However most people don’t do it. We compare it to an antibiotic. You take it until you feel better and then stop taking it even though the doctor recommends that you continue for ten more days. Aftercare is a life plan and action system that one can follow to insure a successful recovery. It may include a sober living home. It may include therapy once a week. It may include AA or NA meetings and sponsors. Whatever the plan, it should be discussed prior to leaving treatment and maintained at all cost.

4. This topic is wide open for discussion. I will keep it short and simple. It does little good to force someone into drug treatment. The ultimate goal is to get the addict to say “I will go”. There are a number of ways of getting someone to say those very words. I will leave that for another video or article.

To stay sober after treatment is to stay active in your recovery. Set aside time for healing. Invest in yourself.