Everyday people consume heart-damaging cholesterol in various forms which Kenko provide rise to varied diseases, but one component which will keep people far away from such diseases is Antioxidants. Antioxidants are enzymes and nutrients that assist human bodies in various chemical reactions involved in oxidation.

These antioxidants play an important role in preventing our bodies from damaging chronic diseases like heart strokes, atrophic arthritis, cancer, cataracts, and lots of other ailments. The oxidation process administered by antioxidants begins when the production of free radicals (FR) like hydroxyl, aqua fortis and superoxide increases massively.

All these FR have unpaired electrons and this is often the rationale they’re unstable thereby causing damage to the genetic material and cells. Additionally, Kenko to the present, the assembly of FR is both endogenous and exogenous, which doesn’t allow people to steer beyond major chronic diseases. Generally, the endogenous reasons may arise thanks to improper intake of diet and exogenous reasons that happen with smoking, alcohol, exposure to X-rays, sunlight, and even pollution.

As an individual ages, the oxidation process becomes slow, thereby making the body susceptible to diseases. The free radicals are unstable and when antioxidants are oxidized and free radicals are neutralized, it’s known as an Antioxidant Process.

Types of Kenko Antioxidants

Antioxidants comprise both enzymes and nutrients which are very helpful in controlling the damage of free radicals. There are three sorts of nutrients that act as antioxidants and a few trace elements also facilitate human bodies for the aim of eradicating these free radicals.

The antioxidant nutrients include vitamin E which exhibits a fat-soluble isomer tocopherol which preserves cell wall and protects rarity lipoproteins from the method of oxidation. Vitamin C also referred to as vitamin C and Beta Carotene are two water-soluble vitamins that quench free radicals from inside the cells and from the low oxygen concentration, respectively.

Vitamin C is believed to figure along with side vitamin E and it also ensures that vitamin E is regenerated whenever required. Selenium, Manganese, and Zinc are three trace elements that actively participate in trimming down the formation of free radicals.

Antioxidant enzymes include Catalase, peroxidase, and SOD which destroy free radicals by fixing oxidized DNA and obliterating oxidized lipids. Most doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming antioxidant capsules, we should always also eat a healthy diet that contains antioxidants additionally to taking antioxidant supplements.

It has been proved that antioxidants can cause major health improvements. Conversely, taking too many antioxidants can cause health problems involving toxic reactions, diarrhea, and lots of more.

Consuming Antioxidants

Although antioxidant tablets and capsules are widely available, people should consume antioxidant supplements only as per a doctor’s or nutritionist’s guide.